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Best TikTok Insights practices

Are you using our TikTok Insights connection but don't understand how it works at all?

We are going to tell you how this integration works and some things about it that you may not know yet

1. The TikTok Insights API always returns the total data of every metric.
This means that, it doesn't matter the date range you've previously selected, every time you refresh your data, TikTok will return the current data you have at that moment for each metric.

2. The Date created dimension returns the date in which every post has been created.
When you select this dimension, you will see all the posts listed each with the day they were published right? As we said before, TikTok always returns the total current data you have on that refresh. So this way it's not possible to build a historical data evolution of the posts you have.

With Dataslayer you can build and study a historical data evolution! Try our "Combine new with old results" option available on our extension.

3. Dataslayer's option to "Include empty data" does NOT work with TikTok Insights.
This option doesn't make sense with this integration, since it always returns the total values on the day the post was created. Let's see an example:

In the following query, we have selected the "Include all empty data" option, but it doesn't show any more days since it would only show 0 on all days. TikTok Insights only returns the total values for each post.

4. You cannot combine the ACCOUNT group with the VIDEOS group as it doesn't make sense because the account group only shows metrics of your account such as followers, people you follow, etc.
If you try this combination, you will see an error message like this:

Updated on: 18/10/2023

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