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Bing Ads: Permissions issues guide

If you have you experienced a problem with the login in Bing ads or have gotten the error "The API is trying to access a service that your organization lacks a service principal for" and don't know how to proceed, this article will help you.

Due to some changes in the authentication processes implemented in Microsoft in mid-2021, some users have had problems with the authentication process with the connector in Dataslayer.

Example of a common error

These errors are external to Dataslayer.

They are probably due to some problem with the configuration of the Microsoft account itself. One example of these errors is that Microsoft has asked some users to switch from a personal account to a business account, and for some reason, Microsoft ads are still associated with the personal account and the failure occurs when logging in with the business account. Another example could be that the administrator has not approved the installation of Dataslayer.

If you have experienced any errors similar to the above we encourage you to contact your company's IT administrator or Microsoft support for further assistance.

You can find out how to contact Microsoft through this page.

Updated on: 25/04/2023

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