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Facebook Insights: "invalid parameters combination" solution

“Invalid parameters combination” error solution.

This error is unrelated to Dataslayer, and is due to the limitations of the Facebook Api.

The error occurs when a query is made with 2 or more connectors, and at least 2 of them are considered incompatible by the Facebook Api.

But how can we tell which connectors are compatible with each other and which are not?

Well, although the Facebook API is updated from time to time and this can cause the results to vary, there are some general considerations that can be followed:

Do not combine “page type” and “post type” connectors in the same query as the Facebook API can not establish a relationship between the two. Instead, try making separate queries so that the API can correctly process the information.
For example, the combination of the metric "total likes" with the dimension "post name" will give you the error. The correct combination would be total post reactions + post name, since both are "post type" connectors.

Normally if there is an incompatibility with one metric, the rest of the metrics in the group will also be incompatible. (There are some exceptions depending on the combination, so we suggest trying anyway).
For example, if we make a query with the "total likes" metric and any metric from the "post reactions" group, the error will always occur.

Do not combine “page type” connectors with “media type” connectors in the same query (there are some exceptions).
For example, the "unlikes" metric cannot be combined with the "paid complete video views" metric.

In the following table you can check the non compatible combinations in the metrics corresponding to the "page likes" section (x = invalid parameters combination):

You can also check the table here.

Updated on: 20/04/2022

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