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Getting started with Dataslayer for BigQuery

Learn how to start with Dataslayer BigQuery

With our BigQuery product, you can import in seconds your marketing data into Big Query. As you already know, BigQuery is a data warehouse in which you can store any information in table format. It is usually somewhat complicated both the connection and the way to enter data from other sources, being a very manual process. Dataslayer connects your favorite connectors (Facebook, Google Ads, Bing, etc...) and BigQuery, so you can have all your historical information there, never losing the data, and being able to visualize it whenever you want on other platforms like Looker Studio.

The BigQuery product is used directly from our website.

If you login here, you will go directly to our BigQuery product and you will see the index of your queries there. Let's see how it works:

Let's create a new transfer by clicking on New transfer button.

Select the data source you want and log in with your account.

Select the data source's accounts you want to get data from.

Select the date range, metrics, dimensions, and filters you want to export.

You can use our templates or create your own! Learn how here.

Select your Big Query account email and click on Transfer Data.

Fill in all the fields.

Understand all the fields with this FAQ.

Select the frequency mode. You can choose between a schedule, manually or manually splitted.

Learn how each mode works in this link.

If you want to upload historical data in Big Query learn the best way to import it here.

Finally click on Confirm changes.

Don't forget to also click on Save & refresh if you chose the Manually frequency mode.

That's it! You have inserted your data into Big Query!

As always, please contact us via our live chat on our website or via email if you still have doubts or questions. We are happy to help!

Updated on: 19/04/2024

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