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Google My Business field changes in February 2023

In Feb 2023, certain fields in our Google My Business data source will be discontinued and new fields will be added. Some fields will also have slight changes in behavior. This is because Google is retiring some features of the Google Business Profile API (previously known as Google My Business) and dividing it into multiple new APIs.

You can see more information about the changes in the official Google documentation.

What should I do on Google My Business?

Switch to the new Business Profile Performance API to see statistics about your Business Profile without problems. Starting February 20, 2023, API resources that are included in the current deactivation schedule will no longer be available.

What does this imply?

Changes in metrics and dimensions behavior

From February, the following fields will show a little change in behavior. Although some fields will continue showing results, the values before and after the change may vary.

Total viewsTotal actions
Map viewsDirection actions
Search viewsWebsite actions
Phone actions

Change in metrics or dimensions

Desktop Map searchTotal impressions
Mobile Map searchDirect impressions
Mobile Map viewsDiscovery impressions
Desktop Map viewsBranded impressions
Food ordersMerchant photo views
BookingsCustomers photo views
MessagesMerchant photos uploaded
Customer photos uploaded

Take into account that you may be receiving alerts with this change on our integration since Google is sending this message from its API. The more use you give to the connector, the more likely you are to get the alert message until we migrate to the new version.

If you want to store all this data, you can do it in a data warehouse like BigQuery

We recommend you back up your Google My Business data before February 15, 2023, since from February 16, 2023, API resources that are included in the current deactivation schedule will no longer be available.

Learn here how to store all your Google My Business historical data into BigQuery. Take into account NOT to refresh any of your BigQuery historical transfers after February 16, 2023! Doing so will erase all your historical data you have stored for the deprecated fields.

Updated on: 16/02/2023

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