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How does the "Media Reach" metric work in Instagram Insights?

How does the "Media Reach" metric work in Instagram Insights?

The "Media Reach" metric in Instagram Insights works differently than other metrics, so you need to keep it in mind when generating your reports to avoid discrepancies.

Why does this happen? It's a limitation of how Instagram's own API works, so it's something external to Dataslayer.

What should I keep in mind about the "Media Reach" metric?

Instagram only returns data per day, per week or per 28 days. With any other date range the results will not be accurate.

Instagram does not include the option to return total data in a user-defined date range, only in the 3 fixed ranges defined above.

How does Dataslayer calculate any other date range?

In case you want to calculate any other range, what Dataslayer does is to calculate the individual value per day and then sum them up. Of all the possible ways, this is the one that gives the closest results.

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Updated on: 16/01/2023

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