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How to access the query editing menu

How to access the query editing menu?

It is very simple.

In Google Sheets, open the Dataslayer sidebar from the Extensions menu → Dataslayer → Launch sidebar.

Click on an empty cell
Then click on a cell that belongs to a query

The Dataslayer sidebar will open the selected query's edit menu:

As you can see, this menu has several options. Here is an explanation of what each one does:

Refresh: refreshes the query data. This will consume 1 API call.
Modify: allows you to modify the query parameters. After making the changes, click on "confirm changes" to apply them. If you want to modify the query again, repeat the process from point 2 of this guide.
Show params/go to results: will take you to the query code in the hidden sheet "DataslayerQueries" or to the results of the query itself, respectively.
Duplicate: copies the query data to the Dataslayer sidebar. Once this option is clicked, select a blank cell and click on "generate query" to generate an identical query.
Report this query: in case of an error or any other problem, this option will allow the Dataslayer technical team to review your query code (but not your data) and fix it. Tell us what's happening, submit your report and within 24 hours you will have an answer.
Close: close the menu.
Delete Query: deletes the query code of the hidden sheet "DataslayerQueries", but not its data.
Delete query & data: deletes the query code and its data.

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Updated on: 27/01/2023

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