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How to mass duplicate queries from one sheet to another in the same document

With Dataslayer you can now mass duplicate queries from one sheet to another in the same document! Want to know how?

Imagine we have a document with separated sheets: one sheet per month. Every month we want to duplicate the same queries we had in our other sheets, but with the new date range. It's easy! You can use the duplicate option on our add-on, and build every query individually, or you can mass duplicate all the queries from that sheet. Let's see the steps:

Make sure that you have ready the new sheet in which you are going to mass duplicate the queries.
Open the DataslayerQueries hidden sheet on the document.

Normal DataslayerQueries hidden sheet

Copy-paste below all the rows in the DataslayerQueries sheet that contain the queries of the "January" sheet

Copy-pasted values

Delete all these columns on the new copy-pasted values:

Delete these fields

Fill in manually the new sheet name and range.

Fill in the new data

Change the DataslayerQueries sheet columns "N" and "O" to the new date range you want.

Fill in the new date range

Click on "refresh all queries" in the Dataslayer sidebar or refresh each query individually (It will work also when a trigger refreshes the queries).

Refresh all queries

Now all the queries are working! We will add a new Query UUID on each one. See the results:

Final results

It's done! You've mass duplicated all the queries you had in the "January" sheet to the new sheet: "February".

Want to have the same Dataslayer tables in different tabs, with different accounts or date ranges, but in the same document? Learn how to quickly do it here using this awesome functionality!

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Updated on: 29/03/2023

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