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How to reconnect data sources in Google Sheets

Are you experiencing a connection error with your data sources?

Did you get an error similar to "Please try again to login in your data source"?

Why does this happen when I'm already logged in? It can be due to different reasons. For example, sometimes the data source automatically logs out users for security reasons, or there has been an update on the data source and you need to reconnect to see it. In any case, don't worry! You just have to re-login following these simple steps:

This will not delete the queries or affect the document, it will only reboot the Dataslayer connection to the Data source.

Open Dataslayer extension in Google Sheets.

Click on Generate Table.

In the Connectors section, select the connector you want to reconnect.
In this example we will click on Google Ads.

Once in Google Ads connector, click on the Paper bin icon or Log out all if you see the email you want to reconnect, if you don't see it click on Add new user.

If you select the paper bin icon you will only be logged out of that specific account. If you select "Log out all" you will be logged out of all accounts.

You will be redirected to the Hub page. Here you have 3 options:

1. If the email you want to reconnect appears on the Hub but is shared by another user of your company, contact this person to follow these instructions to reconnect.
2. If the email you want to reconnect appears on the Hub, click on the refresh button to reconnect.
3. If the email you want to reconnect does not appear on the Hub, click on Add new account.

Once clicked on the refresh icon or Add new account button, you will be able to reconnect.

Select the account you want to reconnect.

Make sure you accept all permissions.

You can learn more about how to accept permissions in this FAQ.

And done! You have reconnected succesfully.

Now you can close the Hub Page and refresh the Google Sheet document page.

And that's it! That's how easy it is to reconnect a data source.

As always, please contact us via our live chat on our website or via email if you still have doubts or questions. We are happy to help!

Updated on: 08/01/2024

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