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How to use Dataslayer API Query Manager

Learn how to start with API Query Manager

With our API Query Manager product, you can import and automate all your marketing data from any data source directly to Power BI, Qlik Sense or any Business Intelligence platform.

The API Query Manager (API QM) product is used directly from our website.

If you login here, you will go directly to our API QM product. You will see the index of your queries there. Let's see how it works:

Select the data source you want and log in with your account

Select the data sources accounts, date range, metrics, dimensions and filters you want to export

Write a Query Name, select your BI Tool Format and your Timezone

To finish, don't forget to View your data on our platform. Then you can copy the normal URL or the Short URL (both have the same query) and paste it into your BI Platform.

If you still have doubts or questions don't hesitate to contact us via our live chat on our website or via email.

Updated on: 24/01/2024

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