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The error "there are too many scripts running simultaneously for this Google user account" is a Google issue that happens when a Google account is used simultaneously by different people or is open in different browsers, add-ons or services at the same time.

Too many scripts error

Since Google works with quota limits, you may just need to wait a while for the quota to be reset and try the query again. If this doesn't work, there are other solutions for each case scenario:

For example, if you have Dataslayer in Google Sheets, a dashboard in Data Studio and Google Docs open at the same time with the same Google account, that can make the error message to appear. Even if you close that tab, it might keep counting as it's being used because you didn't logged out of it. So the best thing to do in this case, is to log out of the tool whenever you stop using it.
Having the Google account open in a Chrome browser also counts as that account being used, so another tip to avoid this error appearing is to log it out from Chrome and use Dataslayer from an incognito window or another browser that's not Chrome.
This can also happen if you have many schedules set up in a single spreadsheet. For this case we recommend to try to separate the schedules in time so they are not all triggered simultaneously.
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