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Twiter Insights: All you need to know

Twitter Insights has joined the Dataslayer connector team!

Measure the organic performance of your tweets. Start analyzing your organic activities on Twitter or compare them with other social networks’ performance data.

However, this connector has some particularities that you should know. Here we explain them so you can better understand how this connector works:

This connector only allows you to have one account connected.

Their API does not allow to query Account metrics/dimensions with Tweet metrics/dimensions. An Invalid Combination error message will appear.

The data that Twitter Insights returns is always real and total data. Even if you select any temporal dimension (like date or month), Twitter will return the total data for the metrics you've selected, not the data for that specific date or month. Therefore, dates only work for filtering the publication date of the tweets you want to search, but will not work with Account metrics/dimensions.

There are certain metrics and dimensions that only return data for tweets posted in the last 30 days. These are all those in the Organic group, the Tweet Editions metric and the Source tweets dimension.

Remember that the functionality of this connector depends on how it has been designed by Twitter. We will keep Dataslayer updated with all its new features.

If you still have questions, don't hesitate to write us through our live chat on our website or through email.

Updated on: 12/01/2023

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