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Understanding the "Pause updates" functionality in Looker Studio

Tired that every time you change dimensions or metrics in your reports, the widgets are refreshed and API calls are being consumed? As you may know, Looker Studio is updating its platform every day and they have added a new functionality which will make your life easier!

"Pause updates" functionality

How it works?

When adding a metric or dimension in Looker Studio charts, changing its styles, or doing any changes in the report, by default we can see automatically the changes we are making and API calls will be consumed.

With the Pause updates button we can stop the data request of that changes while editing to reduce the number of requests, this will apply to the entire report, and resume the updates once done the changes to see the data or styles you applied. It will request less API calls in Dataslayer, as well as GA or GA4 calls and not exceed the property quota limits. This way Looker Studio will only request the data needed to comply with the report configuration at the time the updates are resumed.

Learn more about it on this Google Support article.

When you click on the "Pause updates" button and then modify anything in any chart you will see a message saying "Chart has pending changes" or "Updates paused". You will not be able to see any changes you are making, except some style changes, until resume the updates.

Once you have modified everything you wanted, click on Resume updates. The report will load all the paused modifications.

Note that pausing updates only affect the report while you have it open. If the report is shared with more collaborators, and they have it opened, they will see the changes and will be consuming API calls unless they also select to pause updates.

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Updated on: 25/05/2023

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