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What syntax should I use in the BigQuery connector to avoid errors in my queries?

Have you ever experienced any of these errors when trying to run your query in BigQuery?

These errors indicate that BigQuery does not recognize the syntax you are using, or that there is some error in it.

So, how should I write the syntax of my queries?

For this purpose, we give you some recommendations that you should keep in mind to avoid errors:

1. BigQuery recommends the use of Standard SQL instead of Legacy SQL.
2. Type FROM without quotation marks and just put dataset.table, selecting the account.
3. Do not use French quotes in the query, only single or double quotes (Not this ➞ ` These ➞ ' or ").

Let's look at the following example

As you can see, BigQuery generates this SQL automatically:

SELECT * FROM `bigquerytest-298608.test_flow.Test_2311`

If you put this code generated by BigQuery in the Dataslayer extension, the query will NOT work and you will get an error similar to the ones mentioned above.

However, in Dataslayer, according to the recommendations described in this article, you should write it like this:

SELECT * FROM test_flow.Test_2311

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to write to us via our web chat or email!

Updated on: 28/11/2022

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