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Windows / Attribution Settings for Facebook in Dataslayer

Learn how Facebook Attribution Settings work and the benefits of selecting the same settings in both Facebook and Dataslayer.

What Facebook Attribution Settings are

Attribution settings are a limited period of time for which conversions can be attributed to your ads and used to determine how to optimize the campaign. You can take a closer look at what it is and how it works here.

Configure Attribution Settings in Dataslayer

In Dataslayer you can select the Attribution Settings you want, in all our products you will always have a drop down option where you can select any type of Attribution Settings available from Facebook.

Where this option is found in Google Sheets, API Query Manager and BigQuery

Once we open the Dataslayer extension in Google Sheets, or open one of our products (API QM or BigQuery, we will find the "Conversion attribute window " option in the Options section.

Where to find this option in Looker Studio

When we open the Facebook Ads connector settings in Looker Studio, we can select the Attribution Settings for our account. You can go back to edit this setting at any time from your report.

When should I use the Attribution Settings in Dataslayer?

If, for example, you have experienced some discrepancy or problem when using the pixel, offline, on-facebook and app actions fields, it may be due to the Attribution Settings you have selected at the time.

Go to the corresponding Attribution Settings and select the value you require for the query you want to make (look closely at the Attribution Settings you have in your Facebook Ads account).

If you still have a discrepancy after selecting it, please follow these steps.

If you have a Conversion attribute window option selected and then you mark the Use default attribute window option, it will keep the second option, i.e. it will use the account's default Attribution Settings, so the selection you have made will not be applied. If you want to get the data from a specific attribution setting you cannot use the Use default attribute window option.

When comparing your data with Facebook Platform, Make sure you have the same Attribution Settings in both Facebook Platform and Dataslayer in the account you are comparing.

Updated on: 27/02/2023

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