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How to retrieve historical data on your Instagram follower growth

As a digital marketer, you might have to build a historical evolution of your total followers day by day of your Instagram Business account. But when you go to our Dataslayer Instagram Insights integration and try some queries, you see that, currently, the only available metrics on Instagram Insights to study the followers are "New Followers" and "Current Followers".

The "New Followers" metric only shows the NEW followers your account has, and it only supports querying data for the last 30 days excluding the current day:

The "Current Followers" metric always shows the CURRENT followers your account has:

When a line graph such as the one in the image below is selected, 0 is displayed because when giving the total result it has no historical information.

You cannot recover historical data with either of the two previous metrics. It's external to Dataslayer because the API doesn't obtain that information.

If you want a daily and historical evolution of your total followers, you can do it with our Google Sheets extension.

Building a daily and historical evolution of your total followers on GOOGLE SHEETS

Kindly note that this process does not retrieve historical data; rather, it initiates the creation of a historical record from the moment the query with the 'combine new with old results' option is generated.

Open our Google Sheets extension.

Link your Instagram account.

Build your query with "Date" as a dimension and "Current Followers" as a metric. Select "Today" as the default date range.

Select our "Combine new with old results" option. Learn how to use this option correctly here.

Click on "Generate Table" and then schedule your sheet.

Link your spreadsheet with your Google Data Studio dashboard.

This is the way you can build a daily and historical evolution of your total Instagram followers!

Don't hesitate to write us via email or our live chat if yo have any questions, we are here to help!

Updated on: 26/04/2024

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