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How to reauthenticate or remove a Data Studio connector

Reauthenticate or remove a Google Data Studio connector

Sometimes the Data Studio connectors can have connection issues logging in or maybe you can have an error message with the connector connection. Reauthenticating a data source refreshes your connection to it. This can be helpful also if you need to make changes to your connected accounts.

* Your Google Data Studio dashboard and data won't be affected by this process.

There are two ways to reauthenticate a connector:

By editing the connector configuration
Open Data Studio and click on the connector you want to reauthenticate. If you are already working on a report, click on Resource -> Manage added data sources and click on Edit.

Click on Edit connection on the left side.

Click on the following URL in order to revoke the connector credentials:

Click on the following URL in orden to reconnect your account:

Authenticate your data source accounts again (make sure you are accepting all the permissions):

Go back to your dashboard (in case you were previously working on it) and click on Refresh data.

By revoking the access to the connector
Go to your report on Google Data Studio, and click on Add data.

Find the data source’s name by searching for "Softpoint" on the search bar.

Click on the three-dot menu at the top-right of the connector and click on Revoke access.

Click on Remove and confirm the process by clicking on Remove anyway.

Reconnect to your data source again.

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Updated on: 08/11/2022

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