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How to view separately my Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads data in Google Sheets

As you know, with our Facebook Ads connector you also get the information from Instagram Ads because both belong to Meta. So, how can we see Instagram and Facebook data separately?

When adding any metric in your query such as Impressions, Clicks or Cost, among others… it will return the data for all the campaigns you have in Meta.

If you want to separate your data you have to use the dimension Publisher Platform. This dimension will distinguish platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, but also others such as Messenger for example.

You can see all the metrics and dimensions of the Facebook Ads connector at this link.

Without Publisher Platform Dimension

With Publisher Platform Dimension

How can I configure the query to obtain data from a specific platform?

If you are only interested in the data of one of the platforms, you will have to add a filter.
For example, if you are only interested in Instagram data you should add the following filter: Publisher Platform Equals to Instagram.

You are free to add the Publisher Platform dimension in the query, as the filter will act regardless of whether the dimension is present or not.

Publisher Platform Equals to Instagram Filter

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Updated on: 29/02/2024

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