It is probably an issue with the timezones, if you have checked the timezone and it is correct, please follow the steps below:

To check if there is a data discrepancy, we need you to send us screenshots showing the following data:

The results of the query in Dataslayer.
The Dataslayer query configuration (metrics, dimensions, date ranges, options...).
The results of the same data from the original data source (showing the correct data).
The configuration of that second query to check that they are the same parameters as in Dataslayer (metrics, dimensions, date ranges, options...).

IMPORTANT: If part of the required information is missing in the screenshots, the error cannot be checked. We must check that there is a discrepancy in order to make changes.

Then click on "Report an issue with a query" in the Google Sheets add-on, or report from our website so that we receive the information about the query, and send us the images through the report ticket.
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