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Understanding Google Analytics 4 Data Thresholds

If you have seen some discrepancies between your data on Google Analytics 4 Console and your data on Dataslayer, it may have been caused by the data threshold.

What is Data Thresholds

Data threshold is a GA4 system that may cause you to miss data on your reports. Google applies Data thresholds to its reports to avoid deducing the identity of the users by visualizing the reports or explorations. To learn more about Data threshold check Google's Support website.

The Data threshold is a Google limitation and it is external to Dataslayer.

How to know if data threshold is being applied in your report

You will see an orange triangle indicating that the threshold is applied.

Why the discrepancy occurs

Google Analytics 4 API is not affected by the data threshold, and as you may know, we work with the official API of the data sources, in this case, the GA4 API.
So, while the data you see in the console is affected by thresholds, the API data, and therefore the Dataslayer data, is not affected by this, causing the discrepancies. But because Google's API (and Dataslayer) is not affected by the thresholds the data is much more accurate.

Dataslayer is completely external to this limitation. Google applies thresholds to its console but not to its API causing the discrepancy.

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Updated on: 02/08/2023

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