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Understanding the behavior of Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights works in a different way than Instagram Ads, it has some limitations on its behavior. But don't worry! In this article we will explain to you everything you need to know to understand how Instagram Insights works.

How Instagram Insights connector works?

1. This connector always gives TOTAL results.

2. The dimension Date returns the date of post or account creation.

3. If you don't select any dimension of the Media group the results will be the total of ALL the posts of that day.

For example: If you have upload more than one post in a day, and you create a query with Date as dimension, and Media likes as metric, the results of the day will be the sum of the likes of all the posts uploaded that day.

4. Audience dimension can only be combined with Account info dimensions.

5. Only ONE dimension of the Audience group can be used per query, except Age of Follower and Gender of Followers which can be combined together.

6. Comment text dimension can only be combined with Media comments metric.

You can combine it with any dimensions (except Audience dimension as explained on #4, but only with Media comments metric.

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Updated on: 10/08/2023

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