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Understanding the Multiple Hub Accounts possible discrepancies

Have you experienced any discrepancies when querying two or more Hub Accounts? Don't worry, here's the reason why, and how to fix it.

There are some metrics with a special behavior that cannot be added up together to get a total, such as Users from Google Analytics, or Frequency and Reach from different connectors.

Learn more about the Frequency and Reach metrics behavior in Meta.

As these metrics cannot be summed up, when you select more than one Hub Account in one query with those metrics, it can led into discrepancies because the result comes from an incorrect sum.

How to solve the discrepancy

Solving this discrepancy is very simple. You have two options:

Add the Hub Account metric from the Dataslayer group, or the Account / Account name metric from the selected data source.

The Dataslayer Hub Account metric will show you the email(s) you are logged into that connector, in case you have several accounts associated to the same email, add the Account / Account name metric of the selected data source.

Sample using the Reach and Frequency metrics from Facebook Ads in Google Sheets

The other option is to make an individual query for each account, since these metrics cannot be added to show a total from different Hub Accounts.

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Updated on: 13/12/2023

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