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Understanding the new behavior of Twitter Insights connector

As you may know, Twitter changed its API pricing policies and this affected Dataslayer's Twitter Insights connector, that we had to disable. To solve it, we made some changes on that connector and now it is active again, but it behaves in a different way than what you might be familiar with. In this article we will explain all you need to know about the new behavior of this connector.

Note that Dataslayer's Twitter Ads connector is not affected by these changes.

In Twitter insights, you can not access data other than the account with which you are logged in, so if someone shares accounts with your user you can not make queries with those shared accounts due to limitations of the Twitter API.

Also due to API limitations each user will only be able to make 25 Twitter Insights API calls per day.

Due to the new Twitter API policies, the Dataslayer Twitter Insights connector is only available on paid plans, so it is not active for Free Plan users. This does not affect the Twitter Ads connector.

How does the Twitter Insights connector work now?

1. You need to associate a Twitter Ads account with your Twitter profile.

In order to use our Twitter Insights connector, you will need to have a Twitter Ads account. Learn how to create it and set it up in this FAQ.

2. Profile metrics CANNOT be combined with other metrics, and they only show total results.

When using profile metrics you will always get the total results of that metric, since that is how the Twitter's API exports the data.

3. The metrics Total Retweets and Total likes only show the current total results of the post. No matter the period selected.

4. The dates are used to select the tweets created between those dates, you can only select a maximum range of 90 days.

5. The results will correspond to the date range selected, with the exception of total metrics and profile metrics mentioned before.

6. The End date dimension returns the final date of the range selected.

7. The dimension End date used with the profile metrics will give you the current date since, as mentioned in point 2, these metrics only give total results.

This connector is only available to customers with paid plans or in the trial period.

Do you want to set up a daily data with Twitter Insights?

As you can see, Twitter Insights doesn't have date dimension, but you can set up daily data using the end date dimension, the option "combine new with old results" and set a daily schedule. This will add the results of the end date every day.

We recommend choosing "yesterday" as the end date, and not "today", so you can get the complete information of the day.

Please note that due to the way Looker Studio works, the combine new with old results option is not available. So you will have to make your report in Google Sheets and once done connect Google Sheets with Looker Studio. We explain how to connect it here.

Note that the table will start from the day you set up the table and the schedule, it cannot be made from a previous period.

You can learn more about the combine option with this FAQ.

As always, please contact us via our live chat on our website or via email if you still have doubts or questions. We are happy to help!

Updated on: 06/03/2024

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